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Achieving Market Share Authority
Clients - Consultants - Commitment


Our clients are always first.

We will deliver with continuity, consistency, credibility, and confidence the highest quality products and services for our clients.


The goals of our consultants are equal to those of our clients.
We will serve our employees with the highest integrity so they may serve our clients by the same standards.


Our commitment to the community reflects our mission.

We will support our community through our corporation's demonstration of the highest standards of commerce.

Our Approach


 Advantage Consulting's approach is based on the vision of the company’s Founder and Principal Consultant, Donna Chiacchia. Vision Simplified. Solution Personified. For 3+ decades Advantage Consulting has made significant contributions to the cybersecurity, financial services, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and information technology industries by applying their exceptional skills in the disciplines of business formation and transformation, business process engineering, organization development, cultural change design, and strategic planning.

The Founder and Principal of Advantage Consulting, Donna Chiacchia began her consulting career with a privately held consulting firm in New Jersey. Since that time, she has distinguished herself as a high impact, passionate player, consistently delivering millions of dollars in savings and high percentage productivity improvements for a wide variety of Fortune 500 clients.  

Donna brings this experience, including several systems and tool sets she has authored and successfully implemented, to provide a nimble, efficient and highly effective alternative to traditional management consulting firms.

Advantage Consulting provides their clients a diverse, seasoned, and dynamic virtual team of consultants based upon analysis-driven and mutually-agreed-to client requirements. Our consultants have dedicated many years to perfecting their expertise in business formation, business transformation, organization development, and cultural change design spanning a variety of business environments, ensuring client requirements and goals are achieved.